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Oneohtrix Point Never: Memory Vague (2009)

Memory Vague is a 2009 audio-visual project by Oneohtrix Point Never, the alias of electronic musician Daniel Lopatin. It was released as a limited-edition DVD-R by Root Strata on June 1, 2009.

Memory Vague compiles music videos sourced from YouTube videos and edited by Lopatin in Windows Movie Maker. It collects several videos previously uploaded to YouTube via Lopatin's sunsetcorp channel, including the profile-raising videos "Angel" and "Nobody Here."The DVD features several of Lopatin's "echo jams": audio-visual pieces which typically sample micro-excerpts of 80's sources and "slow them down narcotically" with effects such as echo and pitch shifting added in a manner reminiscent of chopped and screwed styles.

Track listing
  1. Zones Without People
  2. Angel
  3. Ships Without Meaning
  4. Memory Vague
  5. Nest 5900
  6. Chandelier's Dream
  7. Unmaking the World
  8. Heart of a Champion
  9. Radiation
  10. Computer Vision

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