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QOINPRO: Free crypto coins every day +app +bonus (08/2017)

QOINPRO is a very old web in the cryptos world but it had enough time already out of line, with problems in the payments and without any new news. 
But this year began to update the web and to include some improvements (the support is active and respond, they are very active in tweeter)

This web generates free crypto every day without captchas or tasks, are generated automatically based on bonus, these bonuses are added in percentages ranging from 0.1% to 1250% without paying or depositing anything! Totally free!
When registering you will get the basic bonuses that will generate the cryptos every day, you can also deposit in your wallet.

-Actually this is the list of cryptos:
(Soon to include BCH or BCC)

- A couple of weeks ago they took an app for android that when installed it gives you a bonus of 10% extra, also include an option to vote in ICOs and other interesting options that are still in development (I was reviewing the app and still do not include The buttons for withdrawal and deposit, so the withdrawals / deposits have to do it from the web)

- They have a system of referrals and I think that is based on the profit of the web, you have up to 7 levels that you are unlocking while more referred sums, which is generating a higher percentage of profits.

And well so simple is grateful if you register with my link: