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Everything is Terrible! is a Chicago-based video blogging website that features clips of VHS tapes from the late 20th century. The project was founded in 2000 by a group of friends while at Ohio University. "Every weekend or free afternoon they get" according to NPR, they search at thrift stores, garage sales, and "bargain bins" for the worst and most outrageous VHS tapes in which to share with each other.[2] The website was launched in 2007 in Chicago.[3] The website has also been attempting to amass the largest collection of Jerry Maguire on VHS; according to member Ghoul Skool: "We always have noticed since the beginning that there seems to be nothing but just Jerry Maguire tapes filling our nation's thrift stores. I don't know why."[2]
In addition to posting videos of old VHS tapes, the people behind Everything is Terrible have performed live shows where, while wearing cloaks and gold VHS tapes around their necks, they show their new VHS discoveries.[2] In 2009, the website released a video titled Everything is Terrible! The Movie, which featured the same type of VHS clips that would be featured on their website. The A.V. Club called the video "a portal into a world halfway between showbiz and real life—a look at how the people who make entertainment for a living think the rest of us saps actually live", adding that it's "simultaneously enlightening, hilarious, and deeply sad".[4] Paste magazine called the video "the best (worst?) clips from a range of categories and spin them together like a terrible salad".[5] Wired has praised one of the site's more popular clips titled "Infomercial Hell" – a series of clips from different infomercials pasted together – calling it "depressing" as well as "terribly funny".[6]
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