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Nûdo no yoru (A Night in Nude) (1993) [ONLINE][ESPAÑOL][DOWNLOAD][TORRENT]

Nûdo no yoru: Ai wa oshiminaku ubau (A Night in Nude: Salvation) (2010)


Experiment in terror (1962) [ONLINE][ESPAÑOL][DOWNLOAD][TORRENT]

Odyssey Into the Mind's Eye (1996) [ONLINE]

The Gate to the Mind's Eye (1994) [ONLINE]

Beyond the Mind's Eye (1992) [ONLINE]

The Mind's Eye: A Computer Animation Odyssey (1990) [ONLINE]

Oneohtrix Point Never: Memory Vague (2009)

Philip K. Dicks: Electric Dreams (TV_Serie / S01) [DOWNLOAD/TORRENT][ESPAÑOL/SUBTITULO]

Neuromancer (1988) {RETRO_GAME/PLAY_ONLINE}

Somnia: Antes de despertar (Before I Wake) (2016) [ONLINE/LATINO]


Graveyard Tramps Eat The Forbidden City Dog Food (2017) [V.A] / Forbidden City Dog Food ! [V.A]

Golden Axe The Music (2008) (FULL DISC/OST)